There is quite a lot going on in food security work on the Upper Sunshine Coast. Here are some of the local initiatives you might want to get involved with.

Community gardening

There are a number of community gardens in the region:

  • The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Powell River graciously makes some of its land available every year to people from the community who want a little patch of land to call their own. If you are interested in helping out at that garden, which is on Manson Ave. near Alberni St. in Powell River, or are interested in having a garden bed for yourself or your family, please contact the church at (604) 485-7106.
  • The Tla’amin Community Garden is located beside Ahms Tah Ow School and is open to members of the Tla’amin community. For more information, contact Darron Cound at Tla’amin Community Health Centre on (604) 483-3009
  • Sycamore Commons is a permaculture community garden open to all, located at the back of the Anglican Church on Sycamore St in Townsite. More info at:


  • Kelly Creek Community Church maintains a community garden on Zilinsky Rd, by the church. For more information email kellyck@telus.net

Demonstration garden

There is a demonstration garden at the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave.) in Powell River. If you would like to get more involved there and spend time learning how to grow food in your own garden, please contact the Community Resource Centre at (604) 485-0992 or email the manager Martyn Woolley at manager@prcrc.org.

Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is a proven model operating in many communities to help people buy more fresh fruits and vegetable for less money. The Good Food Box in Powell River has been active for ten years, was started by a grant from Health Canada, and now is primarily self-sustained. It functions like a buying group, but there is no membership or long-term commitment. You buy a Good Food Box ahead of time and you pick up what you bought a couple of weeks later at a neighbourhood depot. We are staffed by volunteers, function on a cost recovery basis and are committed to remaining in Powell River for many years to come! For more information, contact coordinator Annabelle Tully-Barr at (604) 485-8213.

Seedy Saturday and seed-saving initiatives

Seedy Saturday began in Vancouver in 1989 and has since spread all across Canada. It’s a seed exchange where you can bring your own seeds and trade them for seeds from other people. It helps preserve genetic diversity by saving and spreading open-pollinated seeds. Powell River’s Seedy Saturday is organized by the Powell River Farmers’ Institute and is held on the second Saturday of March every year.

Edible Garden Tour

In 2009, the Powell River Food Security Project organized the first Edible Garden Tour in and around Powell River and it has become one of the best-loved summer events in the area. The tour is free and is a great way to get inspired to start or learn more about food gardening in all shapes and sizes. For more information, head to the Powell River Edible Garden Tour page on Facebook.

Skookum Food Provisioners’ Cooperative

Skookum aims to help its members acquire and share the knowledge, skills, and resources they need in order to grow, gather, raise, and catch healthful food as locally as possible; and to preserve, store, prepare, and share the bounty. Current projects include the Skookum Gleaners, which picks unwanted fruit and nuts from backyard trees and distributes it to those in need. For more information, visit their website.