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The fifth annual Edible Garden Tour takes place on Sunday August 4, 2013!

Here is the link to the downloadable PDF version of the guidebook for the 2013 Edible Garden Tour, including the Food Literacy Treasure Hunt entry form and a feedback form. Printed versions are also available at Breakwater Books and Kingfisher Books in Powell River and at the Black Point Store south of town.

One of the wonderful gardens you'll be visiting on the Edible Garden Tour this year.

One of the wonderful gardens you’ll be visiting on the Edible Garden Tour this year.

Please be aware that the gardens are split up into two sets:

  • From 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon: a morning set of five gardens in Powell River (or slightly outside);
  • From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM: an afternoon set of six more gardens on Southview Road north of Powell River.

There is no fixed order for the gardens, but be sure to visit the morning gardens in the morning and the afternoon ones in the afternoon! See the maps for the overall layout of the tour, and plan your day. Don’t feel that you must see every garden, and leave yourself time to relax and smell the roses (and everything else).

Members of the local chapter of the Master Gardeners Association of BC will be available at Rik Revfem’s & Larry Ramus’s garden in the morning and at Glen & Laura Bruce’s garden in the afternoon. They will be happy to answer any of your questions about plants, edible or otherwise. If you’re trying to solve a problem in your own garden, they probably know what’s going on!

There is a two-hour lunch break between noon and 2:00 PM; we’re encouraging everyone to meet up at the Open Air Farmers’ Market for lunch and to compare notes on the morning’s gardens. There will be an answer to one of the clues in the treasure hunt there as well.

Again this year, we have provided little stamps at each garden (look for the blue or red box in each garden). This lets you stamp your guidebook for each garden you visit so you have a record of the places you saw.

Once again this year, we are featuring a Food Literacy Treasure Hunt to enrich your knowledge of food and gardening. The description of each garden in this guidebook contains a clue. When you have found the answer for each clue, write it into your guidebook in the space provided. Once you have found at least four answers, you can leave your guidebook at the last garden you visit. We’ll be collecting these and drawing for prizes, including a $50 gift certificate for Sunshine Organics/Ecossentials, a $25 gift certificate from Breakwater Books, and a free Good Food Box. (Write your name and contact info somewhere on your guidebook, so we can find you!) If you don’t want to hand in this guidebook, you can find a handy entry form in each garden where you stamp your guidebook and donate.

Please feel free to leave a donation at any one of the gardens you visit. All donations will support next year’s Edible Garden Tour and other local food projects in the region. Thank you!

The Fourth Annual Edible Garden Tour is brought to you by Transition Town Powell River and the Powell River Food Security Project, with help and support from the Powell River Literacy Council. We acknowledge the support and participation of the gardeners who have generously opened up their gardens to the public. And thanks to our generous sponsors: Springtime Garden Centre, Mother Nature, Eternal Seed, Wildwood Gardens & Nursery, and Breakwater Books.

Hi there and thank you for your interest in the 2013 Edible Garden Tour. The planning team is working hard to get the gardens all lined up and we plan to have the guidebook (with maps and the clues to the Food Literacy Treasure Hunt) by July 19. Please check back by then.

If you would like to be on the email list for the Powell River Food Security Project and receive a weekly-ish email update with information about upcoming workshops and other food-related activities in the region, please contact us. Thanks!