Because I don’t have enough on my plate, I decided to start a little inependent online news and opinion blog with a strong regional focus. I named it “Slow Coast”, which is a name we came up around our house for this lovely part of the world where things move a little slower than other places we’ve lived in. I wanted a place where we can carry on conversations that might not otherwise find a home in the other media, for whatever reason.

This here blog is very much about the work of the Powell River Food Security Project and all of the many community projects that have to do with making sure that people can get enough to eat. But there is so much more going on here and out there in the wide world, and I felt that we needed a place to talk about some of that. Hence Slow Coast.

It’s only been online since February 22, 2009, and already there are a few contributors. And we can certainly use more.

Take a look. Send feedback and ideas.

Check out this recent report on our visit to the Comox Valley Seedy Saturday, last weekend in Courtenay. And Tom Read‘s latest post from Texada. And my most recent post about community development and how we’re all going to have to start doing more of it.

If you feel as though you have something to say, let me know. Perhaps you could be our next new contributor!